About Us

About Eco Agribusiness Limited

Eco Agribusiness is a premium natural fruit purée and fruit pulp processing company based in NaroMoru, Kenya. We provide high-quality natural fruit-based products for the juice, ice cream, bakery, flavoured milk, and yogurt industries.

Sourced from Farmers

Located in the Mt. Kenya area, we work with smallholder farmers in the region, encouraging and helping them transition away from traditional crops that are increasingly untenable due to climate change.

High Value Fruits

We originally identified high-value fruit, such as strawberry and tree tomato, that provide higher yields from minimal land, require less water per plant, and are labour-friendly to women. We have since expanded our fruit selection to include mango, berries, and pineapple. All these natural fruits can also be used in products like jams and chutneys.


We offer flexibility in terms of order quantities, and can create custom recipes. We will collaborate closely with your food technologist and production team to ensure the products meet your company’s specifications—for example, brix, fruit content, and ph levels can be adjusted.

Kenya and Beyond

Eco Agribusiness is delighted to bring these products to food industries in Kenya and other East Africa nations.