Meet our Team

Ingrid van Weenen


Ingrid is the Managing Director and a shareholder of Eco Agribusiness Ltd. She brings acute business skills to cross-cultural and international development, for Fortune 500 companies and global associations. She has expertise in uncovering
strategic growth opportunities, relationship management, program management, marketing strategies, and business development. Ingrid is fluent in Spanish, Dutch, and English.

She started with the company developing jams and chutneys from local fruits such as strawberries, tree tomato, and mango in 2012. She was the impetus to developing a new line of natural fruit puree and fruit pulp for the juice and
yogurt industries in Kenya and East Africa. She is passionate about integrating smallholder farmers into global and local supply chains to improve their livelihoods as well as innovations that support food systems to develop nutritious,
healthy and safe food.

Kennedy Kamau

Operations and Finance Manager

Kennedy is our Operations and Finance Manager. He manages overall operations and is responsible for the effective and successful management of labor, productivity, financial management, quality control and safety measures.

Key responsibilities include working with small-holder farmers to ensure the quality of the fruit used at the factory exceeds quality standards while also working with farmers on natural control of crop pests, weeds and diseases. Helping
farmers reduce food losses on farm and post-farm gate and through the value chain are very important to him.

Margaret Kagema

Food Technologist

Margaret is our lead food technologist with extensive expertise developing new fruit based products in Kenya. Her responsibility is to make sure food products are produced safely, legally, and to meet/exceed the qualities claimed.

She has a strong research background with Dedan Khimati University in Nyeri and has done a lot of work with tree tomato, strawberry, mango, as well as chia seeds. Margaret is working with EAL to develop and produce premium quality
fruit puree and fruit pulp for the fruit and yogurt industries. Working with existing and innovative ingredients to develop new products and product concepts is very dear to her heart.

Ann Mbaro

Production Assistant

Ann has worked with the team at Eco Agribusiness since inception. Her role is to run the equipment used to make the fruit puree and fruit pulp products. Ann is also responsible for ensuring that the fruit that arrives at the factory
meets our quality standards.